Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults provides quality poults for the commercial turkey industry.

In order to insure maximum performance from each flock of Nicholas turkeys, Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults applies extensive selection pressure to the N85 males before they are crossed with the Nicholas 700 females.

This added selection improves the performance of the commercial turkeys above the industry norm and provides better economic returns for independent producers and integrations.

The full range of Nicholas products is also available to meet specific customer requests.  In addition, the company offers a selection of colored turkeys from its sister company Valley of the Moon Turkeys.  These turkeys are available in a range of colors such as bronze, black and auburn.

  • Nicholas 700

    Availability : Available
    Description: The world leader for low cost meat production. The Nicholas 700 is the product of choice for companies that require high meat yielding commercial turkeys at lowest cost. Download the pdf for performance objectives and visit the "Publications" page for additional management information. Click here for more info
  • Nicholas Commercial Hens

    Availability : Available
    Description: Nicholas broad breasted white commercial turkey hens have an excellent growth rate and are very feed efficient. They are robust birds and grow well both indoors and free-range. When processed, they produce a beautiful whole bird with unblemished skin due to their white plumage. Click here for more info