About Us


Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults provides quality Nicholas commercial poults for the global turkey industry.

Completed in November 2011, the Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults hatchery in Osceola, Iowa is the largest turkey incubation and hatching facility in the world. This 87,000 square foot building has an egg setting capacity of 50 million eggs per year and can hatch approximately 800,000 turkey poults per week.  

The company operates farming operations in Wadesboro, North Carolina, Fortuna, Missouri and Pleasant Hope, Missouri.  These farms supply hatching eggs for the Osceola hatchery and customers around the world.


Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults is part of the Aviagen Group headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.   Aviagen is the world’s leading provider of chicken and turkey breeding stock, supplying the US and Canada and more than 80 countries around the world.

Aviagen and Aviagen Turkeys develop breeds through a pedigree selection process.  To achieve consistent improvement in performance and to select the best pedigree birds requires accurate measurement and analysis of data.  The use of sophisticated technology combined with hands-on evaluation by highly skilled selection teams allows Aviagen to develop healthy and efficient breeds of chickens and turkeys.   Some examples include

  • Feed Efficiency – Proprietary feed conversion stations utilize transponders to monitor feed consumption on individual birds in a group setting.  These records are used to select birds with a lower feed conversion ratio.
  • Meat Yield – A skilled selector examines each bird for breast shape conformation.  This information combined with yield studies on pedigree siblings allows for continuing improvement in meat yield.
  • Leg Strength - A portable handheld real-time X-ray device is used to evaluate bone development and strength.  This evaluation combined with a visual assessment of each bird's walking ability ensures they will continue to have good, strong legs.

Breeding and hatching chicks and poults has been Aviagen’s core business for over 75 years.  In addition to the Osceola facility, Aviagen owns and operates eight hatcheries in the US and 23 internationally.   John Sims, Aviagen’s director of hatchery operations, has been actively involved in this project.  John has worked with Aviagen and its sister companies on the design and construction of several hatcheries during his years with the company.  He is well-known for the technical support that he has provided for hatcheries across the US and global poultry industry and we are proud to have him as part of our team. 

At Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults, we are committed to the well-being and humane treatment of the birds in our care. Our welfare procedures meet or exceed industry standard practices which follow the guidelines and requirements set by industry organizations.

To achieve this, we educate and train all our employees on proper care and handling procedures of our birds. All employees and contract farmers involved with the handling of our birds must comply with company policies and understand their responsibilities to ensure the welfare of the birds in their care. We will not tolerate violations of our animal welfare policies or procedures

Reporting Violations: Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults employees are required to report any violations of our animal welfare policies and procedures. Should members of the general public witness the purposeful or willful neglect or abuse of our birds by anyone, they are encouraged to report violations to us at welfare@aviagen.com